Nagrand level 58
Maeglin. Long in training and now finding his destiny in Outland. How will he confront the dangers in this new land ?

Friday, February 2, 2007

Outland at last

How long has it been since i left Andrassil for Dolanaar, left Dolanaar for Darnassus and crossed the sea to Auberdine. A long time indeed. Now, this morning, finally happened for what i have been training for weeks.

This morning i packed my things after hitting level 58 in Winterspring. They told me it was wise to prepare, so after speaking to a trainer in Darnassus i went to our local Auctionhouse. I spend a good 100g worth of equipment and set out for Auberdine again to catch the boat which would bring me to the Eastern Kingdoms. After reaching my destination, i got me a flight to Nethergarde keep and from there to my final destination, beyond the Dark Portal.

On the other side i found myself in the midst of a battlefield, watched by a bird. After looking around, the bird was gone and Resheph stood before me. He was a veteran druid and this bird seemed to be his newest skill. He has been in Outland a deal longer and welcomed me in this unknown realm. After pointing me to the local flightmaster, i reported in at Honor Hold. From there i will see what adventures await me.

This i know, Azeroth i will not see for a long time to come.

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