Nagrand level 58
Maeglin. Long in training and now finding his destiny in Outland. How will he confront the dangers in this new land ?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Transfer to Zangarmarsh

I have moved my operations now to the fungusforest of Zangarmarsh. There are some quite challenging creatures here to be found. My current base of operations is a town build around a huge mushroom. This is a strange world indeed. My position here also enabled me to explore the west side of the Hellfire Peninsula.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

More Fell Orcs

I had my fill of the redskinned brutes. I know the green version from Orgrimmar. Sometimes it does not even come to blow, although i hate them, but these red Orcs. Spikes coming fron any part of the body.

Last weekend i performed an attack on the Ramparts. Fell Orcs plenty. I must say it was a rather profitable run. I finally achieved level 61 in the process.

I also turned my focus to Engineering. Ever since i wielded the Owlsigh rifle, i have become rather attached to these boomsticks. Time to learn to build my own.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Bombing runs and demons

This weekend was a busy one, compared to the usual action going on in Hellfire Peninsula. After doing some damage on the Legion Front, i was summoned to do an actual bombing run against 2 portals. This was such a succes that they send me to a small floating rock. From there, flyers make regular runs against demon entrenchments on the Abysmal Shelve or whatever the name there is. So also me. 3 bombing runs laters i left a score of demon wargear in smoking ruins. I also spend a good part of sunday fighting demons head on. And then it happened. I reached level 60. This earned me a short reprieve back in Ironforge for training and R&R. R&R in the form of a trip to Moonglade to celebrate the Lunar Festival. I forgot how tranquil Azeroth was.

Quickly however i found myself back in Outland again. Seeing how far i would get on my level 60. The answer to that was the edge of the Blade Edge Mountains. I think the swamp i crossed may be a interesting for some further exploration once i gained a few levels.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Level 59

After some more hard training, I finally achived lvl 59 and the capability to wield a dual-handed axe. I found a very nice one recently. Hitting anything is still difficult, but it seems I can finally cause some damage. At the homefront, trade is slow. I got report from Exodar from my trade associate, that leather is not in high demand at the moment. He did sell some equipment however. Market is crazy anyway. I hope things will return to normal soon.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

First adventures in Outland

My first tour in Outland. Immediately i was summoned by the vanguard forces of Warrior Nation. Seems even in this forsaken realm the Horde has nothing better to do then to kick out asses. After a tactical retreat i ventured around the base and killed some of the local wildlife: crazed boar-demons. After a while, i came across a small allied camp. They asked my assistance in marking a few towers from a Orc base a shirt distance away. Red Orcs.... Better got me some assistance from Dekan, an able human warrior. Together we cleared most of the camp and i set the markers. In a moment's notive, Gryphons soared over and dropped explosives. I doubt we hear from those red orcs anywhere soon, or will we ? I received a armor piece for my trouble.

Today i went on a little trip. In the southeast i found a passage to a very strange forest, leading to a even stranger city. Shattrath by name. I think i should investigate there at a later time, but after picking my flightplan from the local Flightmaster, i went off to what seemed a sort of backdoor. I ended up in Nagrand.

If the Barrens ever looked less barren, this is what it would have looked like.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Outland at last

How long has it been since i left Andrassil for Dolanaar, left Dolanaar for Darnassus and crossed the sea to Auberdine. A long time indeed. Now, this morning, finally happened for what i have been training for weeks.

This morning i packed my things after hitting level 58 in Winterspring. They told me it was wise to prepare, so after speaking to a trainer in Darnassus i went to our local Auctionhouse. I spend a good 100g worth of equipment and set out for Auberdine again to catch the boat which would bring me to the Eastern Kingdoms. After reaching my destination, i got me a flight to Nethergarde keep and from there to my final destination, beyond the Dark Portal.

On the other side i found myself in the midst of a battlefield, watched by a bird. After looking around, the bird was gone and Resheph stood before me. He was a veteran druid and this bird seemed to be his newest skill. He has been in Outland a deal longer and welcomed me in this unknown realm. After pointing me to the local flightmaster, i reported in at Honor Hold. From there i will see what adventures await me.

This i know, Azeroth i will not see for a long time to come.