Nagrand level 58
Maeglin. Long in training and now finding his destiny in Outland. How will he confront the dangers in this new land ?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Bombing runs and demons

This weekend was a busy one, compared to the usual action going on in Hellfire Peninsula. After doing some damage on the Legion Front, i was summoned to do an actual bombing run against 2 portals. This was such a succes that they send me to a small floating rock. From there, flyers make regular runs against demon entrenchments on the Abysmal Shelve or whatever the name there is. So also me. 3 bombing runs laters i left a score of demon wargear in smoking ruins. I also spend a good part of sunday fighting demons head on. And then it happened. I reached level 60. This earned me a short reprieve back in Ironforge for training and R&R. R&R in the form of a trip to Moonglade to celebrate the Lunar Festival. I forgot how tranquil Azeroth was.

Quickly however i found myself back in Outland again. Seeing how far i would get on my level 60. The answer to that was the edge of the Blade Edge Mountains. I think the swamp i crossed may be a interesting for some further exploration once i gained a few levels.

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