Nagrand level 58
Maeglin. Long in training and now finding his destiny in Outland. How will he confront the dangers in this new land ?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Transfer to Zangarmarsh

I have moved my operations now to the fungusforest of Zangarmarsh. There are some quite challenging creatures here to be found. My current base of operations is a town build around a huge mushroom. This is a strange world indeed. My position here also enabled me to explore the west side of the Hellfire Peninsula.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

More Fell Orcs

I had my fill of the redskinned brutes. I know the green version from Orgrimmar. Sometimes it does not even come to blow, although i hate them, but these red Orcs. Spikes coming fron any part of the body.

Last weekend i performed an attack on the Ramparts. Fell Orcs plenty. I must say it was a rather profitable run. I finally achieved level 61 in the process.

I also turned my focus to Engineering. Ever since i wielded the Owlsigh rifle, i have become rather attached to these boomsticks. Time to learn to build my own.