Nagrand level 58
Maeglin. Long in training and now finding his destiny in Outland. How will he confront the dangers in this new land ?

Sunday, February 4, 2007

First adventures in Outland

My first tour in Outland. Immediately i was summoned by the vanguard forces of Warrior Nation. Seems even in this forsaken realm the Horde has nothing better to do then to kick out asses. After a tactical retreat i ventured around the base and killed some of the local wildlife: crazed boar-demons. After a while, i came across a small allied camp. They asked my assistance in marking a few towers from a Orc base a shirt distance away. Red Orcs.... Better got me some assistance from Dekan, an able human warrior. Together we cleared most of the camp and i set the markers. In a moment's notive, Gryphons soared over and dropped explosives. I doubt we hear from those red orcs anywhere soon, or will we ? I received a armor piece for my trouble.

Today i went on a little trip. In the southeast i found a passage to a very strange forest, leading to a even stranger city. Shattrath by name. I think i should investigate there at a later time, but after picking my flightplan from the local Flightmaster, i went off to what seemed a sort of backdoor. I ended up in Nagrand.

If the Barrens ever looked less barren, this is what it would have looked like.

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